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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Rag Quilt for Aunt Letha

Aunt Letha is my only living Aunt on my Mother's side.  She is my DM's younger sibling by seven years.  I had not seen her in years and was going to be near her small town for a weekend.  We arranged to get together for a visit at her home.  During our conversation, we noted that we are only ten years apart.  For those of you doing the math, yes, my DM married at 15 and had me at 17.  Unfortunately, she passed away at the age of 53. 

My Aunt had five children of her own and always had a house full of dogs and cats.  She gave me a baby poodle in 1976, which I named Ledet.  Ledet was my perfect fur baby for ten years.  

Anyway, this occasion called for a quilt.  I made my first Rag Quilt as a gift for my DA.

I used two layers of soft flannel with a cotton batting in between.  It went together quickly and washed beautifully.

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