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Friday, June 3, 2011

West Houston Quilters Guild Show, April, 2011- Part 2

More quilts from the West Houston Quilters Guild Show, April, 2011.

This is a Sudoku Quilt.  The colors are one solution and the block designs are the second solution.
OMG, that hurts my head.

Each of the noses and stars are made up of hundreds of French Knots.

I love Turtles.

Another Turtle.

West Houston Quilters Guild Show, April, 2011

The West Houston Quilters Guild has a quilt show every other year.  Here are some pictures from the April, 2011 show.

This quilt is in my UFO pile and they were selling the border fabric at the show.  I had to get it.
The Boots and Bluebonnets really made this quilt a winner.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

April, 2011 Quilt Retreat, Part 3

Here are some of the quilts that were worked on during the retreat.  We have a lot of talent in our quilt guild.

We played Quilto at our December Guild meeting last year.  We purchased our Quilto cards with
rail fence blocks.  At the end, the blocks were given to a winner.  She decided to make two charity quilts and showed the finished quilts at our May meeting.

Love these colors together.

I'm adding this quilt to my 'to do' list, only smaller. This one is queen or king.

A good beginning, she pieced a lot of those red & green blocks

And a possible border.

The border fabric was too short and one of the ladies came up with this solution.
I'm sticking that idea in my bag of tricks for later.
Her shirt says, "This Is My Sexy Lingerie".

This is the quilt top that I finished.

A close up of the pretty fabric.  I gave fabric details, a few postings back.