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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Kitty Quilt for Sam

I made this quilt, because I saw one at a quilt show for sale.  I hesitated and it was gone.  My stash contains an abundance of cat fabric and I am a quilter.  Just a thought, I could make my own.  When I made this quilt, I did not know the pattern had a name.  Later, I saw several variations called, "Warm Wishes". 

While I was working on this quilt, I saw several Black & White Kitties in the fabric.  This reminded me of my beloved Kitty of 15 yrs.  He showed up at our house in 1989, as a tiny baby.  My daughter fell in love with him and he stayed 15 yrs.  As a baby, he was named Samantha, but it turned out that he was a Samuel.  My DD use to dress him up.  He would come to me, whining, in his dress, to tell on her.  If he thought living with DD was hard, in 1991, DS was born.  DS, at 2 yrs., cut off all of Kitty's whiskers and eyebrows.  Later, DS put kitty in a popcorn can with lid and even later, in a backpack and then the popcorn can.  We had several talks about dead and gone forever.  And no more popcorn can lids allowed.  Kitty always slept with DD.  When DD moved out in 2002, Kitty became desperate, he began sleeping with DS.  All went well, until we went into Daylight Savings Time.  My DS would complain that Kitty would wake him up an hour too early.  We never did find Kitty's DST switch.

This quilt hung in our 2009 Guild Show.  I decided to name it," In Memory of Samuel Kitty."

Kitty's favorite place to be on Christmas morning.

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