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Monday, August 16, 2010

Texas Wildflower Quilt Project Ready For Retreat

Saturday was our 34th Wedding Anniversary, so I spent the day with Sweetie.  Sunday afternoon, I wandered into the sewing room to work on a project for retreat in two weeks.  I am trying not to wait until the day before to get everything ready.  After working all day, it is a pain, even when I am excited about going. 
In July, My BQF and I hit three QS in one day.  Two were in The Woodlands and one was in Old Town Spring.  One had a display of quilts made with Texas Wildflower fabric.  It was a simple pattern and I ask some questions (and purchased all the fabrics and more).  They were kind enough to give me a drawing they had made up to help me.  This is the second quilt I plan on sewing at Retreat.

The Texas Highway Department plants these Wildflowers all along our Highways.

Here are the directions using a finished 4" block for the Texas Wildflower Quilt (with my notations).  The layout was 9 blocks by 12 blocks with a 1' border of orange and a 3" border of wildflowers.  The finished quilt would be around 44 1/2" x 56 1/2".

I decided to make mine in 6" finished blocks,  9 blocks wide and 12 blocks long.  My 1st border will be a 2" orange and then a 4" wildflower border.  It should finish at about 66" x 84".

Here are all the pieces, ready to go to retreat.  This is a better picture of the colors.  I have been wanting to use orange in a quilt for a while now.  I'll share the finished top in a later post.

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