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Monday, February 7, 2011

What I worked on this weekend.

I promised to post more often and I have not.  Our quilt guild has a Quilt Show every other year and this is a show year.  Even though, I have a full-time job, I have made some commitments to put items in the Guild Store and the Flower Pot Raffle.  The deadlines are speeding toward me and I am sewing as fast as I can.  I wanted to show you what I have been working on.

These need to be hand sewn closed, ironed and quilted, but you can see my progress.

A Tablerunner for my Bee's entry in the Flower Pot Raffle.

Six Placemats to match Tablerunner.  Each placemat has 20 pieces in the seminole area.  That is 120 pieces.  I am adding seminole piecing to my list of do not do this, again.  The good news is, all six are at this finished stage and I am on the home stretch.  Did I mention that all of this is due by Feb. 16th and We still have to assemble all the items in a basket in an appealing presentation.

As I have mention before, there are only three members in our Bee at this time.  We are thrilled that another lady is interested in joining us and hope to see her at our next meeting.  

So, Carol has made Aprons for a family of four and wonderful chef hats for the Dad and Son.  She, also, sprayed a large picnic basket white and is providing three cookbooks about outdoor cooking and grilling.

Judith has made six napkins and four potholders for this project.
Judith and I, also, volunteered to have a workshop to make bunnies for the guild shop.  She is in the process of finishing these up.  So far, there are 22 finished.  Judith is the member of three Bees and put together a quilt top from exchange blocks for the Flower Pot Raffle.  This is where my money is going.  It is a beautiful scrappy quilt that needs to live with me.  It is with the quilter now.  I will try to get a picture, whether I win or not.  But I plan on winning!!!

More tomorrow on what I am working on and I promised a Giveaway every three months, so it is time.  Details coming later this week.

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