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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Flower Pot Raffle

I mentioned "The Flower Pot Raffle" in my last post.  Our Guild use to call this "The Tin Can Raffle".  The theme for our Quilt Show this year is "In A Quilter's Garden".  Thus, the name change.  We are replacing the tin cans with decorated flower pots. People buy tickets and put a ticket or many tickets, if you really want to win that item, in the flower pot that goes with that item.  At the end of the show, a name is drawn from each flower pot to win that item.

We are having a contest for the best decorated flower pot.  The winner gets a large amount of tickets to go into the flower pots.  Remember that quilt that must come to live with me?  Below is a sneak peek at what I am planning for the big win.  Don't tell anyone.

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