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Monday, July 26, 2010

Turning Twenty Quilt #2

My second quilt in the "Turning Twenty" pattern was born out of necessity and pride.  I signed up for my first quilt retreat.  It took place at The Red Barn in Coldsprings, Texas.  If you have an opportunity to attend a retreat there, GO.  It is a wonderful place and I love it. 

After I signed up, I found out that you must take your own bedding.  No problem, but everyone takes their own twin size quilt.  (The Red Barn has a beautiful quilt on each bed, donated by the quilt guilds that have retreated there.)  Here is where Pride sets in.  I am a Quilter, this is a Quilt retreat, how can I show up without a Quilt?

I had just completed the anniversary quilt for my husband in the turning twenty pattern and knew I could make another before retreat.  The quilt is made of 19 sewing and quilting related FQs and one FQ of chocolate candy bars.  My Best Friend told me there is no quilting retreat without Chocolate.

This quilt will travel to its sixth retreat in August.  I can't wait.

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