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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mystery Quilt Birthday Party

Every now and then, one of the quilters in our guild will throw themselves a Mystery Quilt Birthday Party. The Guest of Honor provides each guest with a list of fabric needs and some of the first cutting instructions. We show up with our sewing machines and supplies with no idea what quilt pattern we are making. Throughout the day, we are given a little more of the instructions. There is always an overachiever in the group, so I always know what it should look like before I go home. The one  below is only three different blocks, but tricky to visualize by the instructions alone.

It is from a book called "Mystery Quilts" by Rita Fishel. It measures 65" x 72". It was machine pieced by me and quilted by a LAQ. The colors are darker than they appear in the photo.
I used a group of fabrics from my stash. They were all neatly tied together. I heard someone say recently, " Use your GOOD fabric, because his next wife will sell it in a garage sale for 25 cents a yard".  Now, I can't use up the "good stuff" fast enough. I purchased it to make quilts, what am I saving it for?

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