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Friday, May 8, 2015

A Trip to Old Town Spring

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day in South Texas.  After being stuck in the house for about three weeks with allergies/bronchitis, I was ready to escape.  Haven't been that sick in years.  I told my DH that I was going to crack a rib, pop out an eyeball or have an aneurysm.  I might do all three, so just explain it to the EMTs when they got here.

So, my Son and I decided to take a trip to Old Town Spring.  There is a great Quilt Shop there, GRS Creations, with the most precuts I have ever seen in one shop.  Lots of fabric, too.

Then, I had to visit my other favorite shop, Lana Williams Gallery.  It is full of mixed media paintings and creations.  No photos allowed, but the whole shop is full of eye candy.  I own an awesome painting by Lana Williams and several custom made iron wall pieces made by her son-in-law.  It is on Preston Avenue in Old Town Spring, Spring, TX.

Time for lunch, so we headed a couple of blocks over to Wunsche Brothers Café.  This is what we found.  Not good.  Was looking forward to a chicken fried steak with cream gravy and lots of veggies.

Was told that Wunsche had a fire last month.  The website says closed permanently. So sad.
Wunsche is described as a haunted eatery since 1902.
Fortunately, I know about another fun eating place a few blocks in the other direction.  Hyde's Café, 26608 Keith St., Spring, TX.
About seventeen of us descended on Hyde's about the same time, so it took a while for our order to come, but it was good.  I had catfish and zucchini sticks and my Son had his traditional cheeseburger and onion rings.  I  think they can look forward to a lot of extra business this summer due to the closing of Wunsche. They may have to hire more cooks.
As we were leaving Old Town Spring, I spotted this sign and just had to take a picture.
Spirit Quest Home of Spring Ghost Tours
With our stomachs full, we left Old Town Spring and drove down 2920 about a mile to the Antique Gallery.   There are hundreds of individually stocked booths in an air conditioned building.  Air conditioning is always a plus in Texas.  It was 85 degrees yesterday.  Hot, humid summer days are on the way.  We spent several hours checking out all the goodies.
Antique Gallery Entrance

It was a FUN day and I enjoyed some time with my Son.  He is 23 yrs. old with a girlfriend and job, so I consider this a gift, with Mother's Day just a few days away.

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