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Monday, July 31, 2017

Spotlighting Diva Donna

Donna is a long time member of The Monday Night Divas Bee.  She completed a quilt earlier this year with a great back story.

Donna was an exchange student during one year of high school.  She lived with Oma in Belgium and has remained close throughout the years.  Donna collected t-shirts from Oma's Grandchildren (and a few from Texas) and made her a king size quilt.

Earlier this year, Donna was able to travel to Belgium  and give Oma her quilt for her 80th birthday.  Oma uses it to cover her living room couch, so everyone that enters her home can enjoy it.  She was surprised and delighted.

That is Oma on the right.

close up

Quilt on couch.
Note the two pillows and pillowcase with photos. 
 Another family member had this fabric made by a website like Spoonflower.

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