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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Stocking Tutorial

I like things fast and simple, so I make my stocking a little different than most. 

Step 1:  Find a stocking that you like.  ( In your home, in another home or on the internet)  Draw around the whole stocking on a piece of paper.  Add 1/4" around the whole thing.  This is your pattern for the outside of your stocking.  Cut out your paper stocking.

Step 2:  Lay your paper stocking pattern on a longer sheet of paper. Draw around it and add two times the width of the cuff, to the top of the pattern.  This is your lining/cuff pattern.

Two sets of stocking and lining/cuff pieces.

Step 3:  Lay two pieces of fabric right sides together and pin on stocking paper pattern and cut out.  Do the same thing for your lining/cuff paper pattern.

Step 4:  You will have two fabric stocking pieces and two fabric lining/cuff pieces.  Match one stocking piece and one lining/cuff piece at the tops, right sides together.  Sew a 1/4" seam.  Do the same for the other two pieces.  MAKE SURE BOTH TOES ARE FACING THE SAME DIRECTION, WHEN YOU OPEN UP FLAT


Step 5:  Lay two long pieces right side to right side.  Placing stocking pieces together and lining/cuff pieces together.  Pin as needed.  When you are ready to sew, your piece should look like the photo above.

Step 6:  Sew a 1/4" seam around the whole piece, LEAVING A SMALL OPENING FOR TURNING, along the back side of the lining/cuff piece.  Make sure it is below where the cuff will be. 

I use two pins to mark my beginning and where to stop, so I won't forget.

Step 7:  Remove any pins and clip around the toes on each end to make for a smooth turn.  Do not clip thru your sewing.

Step 8:  Turn the whole piece so right sides are all showing.  Remember, toes should still be pointing in the same direction.

Step 9:  Whip stitch the small opening shut.

Step 10:  Starting at the toe of your lining/cuff end, stuff the lining/cuff piece inside the stocking end.  I find that it is easier to pinch the toe of the lining and push it all the way to the toe of the stocking.  This helps to keep things from getting twisted.  Keeping your hand inside, run your fingers along the seams of the foot to match everything up.  Take your arm out and grab the toe and heel of both the stocking and lining and give it a good shake.  You will end up with your stocking and the perfect cuff at the top.  Just turn down the cuff and you are finished.

Stocking with cuff at top, before folding down.

Step 11:  Optional:  Tack the two toe pieces together with a couple of small stitches
and sew a small piece of ribbon to the top for hanging.

Stocking with cuff turned down.

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