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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Decorations

My favorite season is Fall.  The fabrics come out with acorns, pumpkins and leaves in orange, yellow and red.  In Texas, the daily temperatures drop into the 80s, if we are lucky and 70s, if we are blessed.  There is a light, cool breeze in the air and I just feel renewed and inspired.

I have a lot of Fall items since I entertained a group of crafty Ladies for many years.  We met in a different home each week and it was fun to decoration for each month.  It made us feel special and pampered.  My children are grown and I work full-time now, so less is more these days.  There is a wreath and flowers at the front door and my DS likes to add some Halloween spooks to the front of the house.  I prefer a few of my favorites to lift my spirits and please the Grandkids.

 This Pumpkin Wallhanging was made in 1998 according to the date on back.  I remember that one of the ladies bought a newspaper pattern to share.  It was from an old magazine.  It is a pumpkin, a stem and a leaf in two sizes.  Mine is batting, front fabric RS up and back fabric RS down.  I drew around the pattern and stitched on the lines.  I cut about 1/4" outside of the line.  I carefully separated the two fabrics and cut a small slit in the outside fabric to turn the pieces through.  On the pumpkin, I fused a piece of the same fabric over the slit, but the slits on the other pieces are hidden by the pumpkin.  I added a little straight stitching to the pieces in matching thread.  I used Aleene's Tacky glue to attach the pieces and it has held for 12 years.  I do store it in a closet (not in the garage or attic).

This is a fabric panel that I purchased at Hancock Fabrics many years ago.  Each letter is a little pocket that can hold treats.  Mine holds a little box, that came in cereal one Halloween, that is light activated.  Light causes a scary, high pitched moaning sound.  Each year I expect it to stop working, but it performed again today.

One year, we got on a pumpkin making kick.  I have these in several fabrics and sizes.  A large circle, gathered like a fabric yo-yo and stuffed with fiberfill. Two rectangles sewn, turned and stuffed, then glued in the hole on top for a stem.  Leaves cut out of  two pieces of fabric fused together and a few pieces of raffia tied around the stem.

I made this when the jar quilts were all the rage.  This piece is about 6" x 12".  I constructed it as a flip and sew after I pieced the jar blocks in miniature.  I made a full size Jar Quilt for my MIL, but I have yet to complete the two planned for my DS and myself.  Perhaps you'll see them in a later blog as completed UFOs.

And one time, Yes, We made corn.  The bottom is fabric, stuffed with fiberfill.  The husk is tea dyed muslin and a stiffener of some sort.  This was a time consuming, messy project, but I do love my fall basket of corn.  I, even, found Indian Corn fabric (second from top).


  1. Oh, love the corn. Think I will make some with the grands this weekend.